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Why Hitch & Spin

A mentor encouraged me over 30 years ago to “always be available to serve people during the most joyous, as well as the most difficult, times in their lives.” He continued, “These are divine opportunities to not only show God’s love, but to celebrate with, and support, in ways that have the potential to have a lifelong impact in the lives of couples and families over the course of your life.” That was a powerful moment for a young man in his early 20’s. I’ve never forgotten.

I grew up living in community with people of all races, backgrounds, and walks of life. My dad was a pastor in small community churches and the guidance counselor at our local high school. My mom taught Jr High Students. So long before those values were reinforced by my mentor, my family showed me how powerful benefits of that way of life.

Hitch & Spin was created with that in mind. Choosing to intentionally move into the community loving and serving people\families. In fact, the idea of Hitch & Spin was born at a wedding several years ago. After officiating the wedding of a couple that I had been blessed to know for many years, I was sharing about how I had been DJ’ing and playing music for a local high school and at city events. The new bride said, “You should start a Officiant and DJ business. You could call It Hitch & Spin.” I loved the idea.

Hitch & Spin has gone from a dream to a reality. We are fulfilling our mission one wedding and event at a time, as we have been blessed to become the most personable and engaging Wedding Officiant, DJ, & Emcee Service in North Texas and beyond. Our goal is to develop authentic community with couples and families through first connecting with them, assisting them, and celebrating with them as they see their wedding day dreams fulfilled. The bonus is making long-lasting relationships with them, their families and friends and hopefully planting good seeds and inspiring others along the way.

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